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self storage units


  • Long-term & short-term storage options

  • Fully insured

  • Clean, dry, climate-controlled storage facilities


Putting your possessions into storage can be necessary for any number of reasons. Perhaps you’re having some home renovations done and need some furniture kept out of the way while the work is carried out; you might be a business looking to clear some seasonal stock, or maybe you’re going abroad for six months. Whatever the reason, Green Move offers long and short-term third-party self-storage solutions in Glasgow via our partners, Aabsolute Storage.


We can arrange everything so you don’t have to lift a finger. We will make sure you have the right sized storage unit at the lowest possible price for the duration of your choosing. We also help with packing your home before all your possessions are stored in an environment that is clean, dry, safe and secure, giving you full access to your unit seven days a week.

Storage units range from 9 square feet to 325 square feet so regardless of how much stuff you have we can arrange a unit to suit.

Our removals and storage service means you can sit back while all the hard working is done for you.


Sometimes there can be a gap in between moving out of your old home and getting the keys for the new one, which can mean having to store your things for a period of time. Maybe you’re having some home-improvements done which will be a lot easier with furniture out of the way. There are many reasons you may need a storage facility.

Green Move has the experience so that, whatever your storage needs, everything can be taken care of. We can also arrange it so that, should you require access to your unit during the period of storage it is packed in such a way that makes this easy. You will have continued access to your goods and can add and take things away at your own convenience.

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If you are moving abroad for travel or business purposes, we can arrange long or short-term storage so that your possessions are kept safe until your return. We can also pack your things so that, should you decide to ship them abroad at a later date, everything has been wrapped and packed with maximum protection in mind, ready for onward shipping.


Business storage with Green Move gives you the opportunity to free up some valuable office space. Whether you’re looking to clear away some excess stock, file away archives, undergoing a refurbishment, are upsizing or downsizing or you’re just looking to optimise the workspace you have, all your removals and storage needs can be met by contacting a member of our team. Your goods are fully insured during the term of your storage and the climate-controlled conditions ensure there is no danger of damage. You will have full access to your storage unit during normal office hours as well as at weekends.


We can arrange flexible storage at affordable rates while you’re away for the student holidays. Our long-term options are ideal for students that are taking a year out to study abroad or get some work experience. You can enjoy your time away knowing your belongings are stored in a safe and secure storage facility.


Contact a member of the Green Move team now about removals and storage and we will design a plan that is specifically tailored to your circumstances.

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