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  • A professional and experienced packing service for all home sizes

  • Order all your packaging materials - we recycle as much as possible

  • We will collect your used packing boxes after you're done with them


A safe, secure and efficient relocation requires not only a great team of movers but also the right moving house packing materials. As a removals company that appreciates the amount of work involved before moving house, we also offer a fully-comprehensive packaging serviceAs a one-stop-shop you can order your moving boxes and other packaging materials from the Green Move list. We try to reuse boxes whenever possible so if you find yourself wondering what to do with all that cardboard once you've finished unpacking, no problem, just flat pack it up, let us know and we will be more than happy to come and collect it whenever we are near the area.


We offer a full range of packing and moving services to areas including Glasgow, Edinburgh, East Kilbride, Milngavie, Perth, Paisley, Ayrshire, Dumbarton, Newton Mearns, Stirling, Cumbernauld, Aberdeen, Inverness, Dundee and many, many more.


The extent to which you are involved in packing your home is of course entirely up to you. You may wish to have our team do some of the packing or you may want to leave it all to the experts. If you're looking to keep costs down, or are just happy enough to pack up your home over the course of the weeks and months leading up to your move then you'll probably want to take care of all the packing yourself. Whichever option you choose to go with, here are some packing tips and advice that should help make things easier. 


  • Bubble wrap is commonly used as padding when packing up breakables, but there are actually many cheaper and greener methods that are every bit as effective. All those towels, bed sheets and dish cloths that are to be transported anyway are a much more environmentally-sustainable means of protection. Fill your boxes to move with those instead to cut down on waste and save yourself some money.

  • If you have any paper plates in your cupboards they can be placed between your breakable ones to keep them safe whilst in transit.

  • Packing boxes can be expensive. Instead, go to your local corner shop or supermarket and see if they can provide any. Boxes from liquor stores have partitions that can protect valuables like crystal glasses, bottles or any liquids that need to be moved upright. Bear in mind though that you don't want to compromise on quality of packing boxes. Ones that have been used too many times or are of low quality might be too weak and flimsy to protect the contents within.  

  • Use a marker pen to label each box so that the movers know which room to put each one into. The last thing you need after the stress of a home move is a mountain of unidentifiable boxes to sift through. Most moving boxes have a list of rooms that you can put a little tick beside. 

  • Trying to peel tape away from boxes can be a frustrating task and devastating on your fingernails. To solve this problem, place a little bit of string underneath the tape so you can peel it away with ease.

  • Save money on packing boxes by using suitcases and rucksacks to pack your possessions in. Why transport them empty when they are perfect for the task you're about to undertake. 

When you enlist the services of the Green Move packing team we can work out the plan to suit the specifics of your circumstances. Sometimes we can pack your home and carry out the removal all in one day, sometimes it involves packing everything up then returning the following day to move everything. It depends on the variables, really, such as the size of your move or whether you're moving locally or long distance. We like to be as flexible as you need us to be so it's a plan that will be arranged to suit.


Many of the materials necessary for packing your home can be sourced at no cost, but sometimes this can be impractical or, for whatever reason, not possible. When you source moving boxes always make sure they are robust and not falling apart so that they can protect your belongings and be capable of being stacked. Sharpies, parcel tape, packing paper and bubble wrap are all very useful.​ Take as much moving home advice as you can in order to make your home removal as smooth as possible.

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