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As a business that is dependent on fossil fuel consumption for our day-to-day running, we believe that as a green removals company we have a particular responsibility to mitigate our carbon footprint as much as possible. This is why, as of November 2021 we introduced the Siac Maxus eDeliver 3, making Green Move the first removals company in Scotland, if not the UK, to count among its fleet a fully electric vehicle.

We see the acquisition of the eDeliver 3 as the first of what we intend to eventually become an electric fleet, contributing not only to a reduction in CO2 emissions, but to a complete absence of air pollution while we go about our home removals business; meaning cleaner streets, air and cities for pedestrians, cyclists and communities. In the meantime, the remaining vehicles we use have Euro 6 engines, which produce lower levels of harmful exhaust emissions than conventional diesel and petrol powered engines. 



While searching for ways to offset some of our carbon emissions, the Green Move team came across an organisation whose environmental credentials were irresistible.


Trees for Life is a conservation charity dedicated to the restoration of natural ecosystems in the Scottish Highlands. Founded in 1986, the charity has planted nearly 2 million trees over 44 sites and aims to re-establish some of the Caledonian Forest wiped out through centuries of livestock grazing and tree felling.

Through working with other landowners and managers, Trees for Life aims to rewild the Scottish Highlands by providing an environment where some of Scotland’s most interesting and exciting native species can be reintroduced and thrive.


Green Move has chosen Trees for Life as its charity of choice not only for its tree planting scheme, which helps offset some of the carbon produced by vehicle emissions, but for its unique approach to re-establishing some of the biodiversity that has been lost through human activity.


Rewilding does not come at the expense of economic productivity or in any way prevent the presence of people in newly rewilded areas. On the contrary, it’s a symbiotic relationship that “enriches the landscapes, wildlife and people who call these places home. Rewilding is about working with nature, natural processes and seeing human activity as part of an intricate system in which everything is connected” (treesforlife, 2019).

Healthy ecosystems should consist of a delicately interconnected hierarchy of everything from microorganisms to large predators. But Scotland has wiped out its most impressive carnivores, leaving nature in a state of impoverished disequilibrium. Among the suggested remedies for this, one of the most exciting would be to bring back the wolf, a predator that would be an excellent steward of ecosystems by keeping the number of deer in check. 

At the same time as forestry commissions around the country are busy planting exotic species such as Douglas Fir and Sitka Spruce for industrial timber, Trees for Life focuses on native species only. This is why Green Move believes they are the gold standard for carbon offsetting.

green removals



The flagship example of what Trees for Life is doing is located at Dundreggan where, since its purchase in 2008, the ecosystem is now recovering from centuries of grazing by goats, sheep, cattle and deer, and now hosts “over 4,000 species of plants and animals…including many rare and protected species” (treesforlife, 2019).

It is at Dundreggan that Green Move’s very own grove can be found. By choosing Green Move, whether you are resident of a household or executive of a business in GlasgowEdinburgh or anywhere beyond, you are contributing to the reforestation process described above, as we make monthly donations to Trees for Life in order to carbon offset some of our company’s emissions. As the company grows, so, too, will the Green Grove. And at the end of 2022 the customers of Green Move are responsible for no fewer than 310 trees.

Our environmental efforts are just one of the factors about Green Move that makes us unique. The Green Move team will be visiting the Dundreggan estate in the summertime of 2023 to work as volunteers in restoring native forests and wildlife habitats. If you have any ideas for other ways in which our moving company can be more environmentally responsible we are always open to suggestions.

Quotations and home surveys are completely free so please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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