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Green Move is a Glasgow removals and storage company offering environmentally focused home moves throughout Scotland and beyond.


We provide a wide range of moving services including office removals, international relocations, a packing service and secure storage solutions. Whether you're moving locally or across the country, Green Move will take care of every aspect of your move.


Our moving company operates in Glasgow, Paisley, Ayrshire, Milngavie, Newton Mearns, East Kilbride, Cumbernauld and Stirling, to name just a few, and regularly travels to Edinburgh, Perth and Aberdeen. We are unique among removal companies in that we offset our carbon emissions by planting trees in the Scottish Highlands.

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​After several years of working in the removals service industry, we became aware of the environmental impact of each move - both in the carbon footprint produced through diesel fuel consumption, and in the amount of requests we were receiving to take away unwanted items of furniture to landfill. With environmental issues being a subject close to our hearts, we started to think of ways a removals company might mitigate its impact on the environment.

See Green Move's list of moving home frequently asked questions. 

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Re-loving furniture


We decided to take steps to pioneer a more environmentally-responsible way forward for moving companies by joining a carbon offsetting scheme, using low emission vehicles and up-cycling unwanted furniture. Despite great advances in electrical car manufacturing, the technology has yet to be rolled out to larger vans. Once it is, the Green Move team will be at the front of the queue in acquiring the first of what we intend to build up into a fleet of electric vans. In the meantime all our vehicles meet the Euro 6 emissions standard as set out in 2015.

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Building partnerships

with recycling targets

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We support Trees for Life, a conservation charity dedicated to rewilding the Scottish Highlands. For every house move we carry out, a percentage goes towards planting trees in our very own grove. Please visit our contact page to enquire about bookings.

For an in depth look at our enthusiasm for rewilding schemes we have published a blog on reintroducing wolves in Scotland.


about our removals company

Steven Beck: Director

Steven joined forces with the Scott brothers back in early '19 and together they formed Green Move Removals. He brought with him both management experience and an instinct for getting things done that were to lay the foundations for a moving service that offers a uniquely personal approach to customer service. With his Irish charm and background in van refurbishments, Steven was ideally suited to form a hands-on removals company with drive. He was instrumental not only in making the transition to Green Move as smooth as possible, but in the research that led to the company's carbon offsetting scheme. 

About our removals company

Jackson Scott: Director

The second founder in the Green Move team, Jackson returned to Glasgow from three years abroad in 2015 and, on a whim, bought a van. He and his brother, Dougal, honed their craft as removal men over the following years before investing in a luton in order to meet demand an ever growing demand for larger home moves. Jackson has a deep interest in ecology and environmentalism and counts among his heroes such luminaries as George Monbiot and James Lovelock. A passionate advocate of rewilding, he follows with enthusiasm the growing movement and eagerly awaits the reintroduction of the eurasian lynx, grey wolf and grizzly bear.

About our removals company

Roddy Andrews: Supervisor 

From the same highland provenance as his old friend, Jackson, Roddy joined Green Move in August '19 and quickly demonstrated a natural ability both as a removalist and in customer service, qualities that soon had him pegged for a position of rank. With a background in industries too many to number, Roddy's curiosity was piqued by the environmental credentials of Green Move and he wasted no time in getting up to speed with the relevant literature. His solid work ethic, physical aptitude and enthusiasm for the Green Move ethos have credited the company with an indispensable team member and a first-rate supervisor. 

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Dougal Scott: (Former) Director

Dougal co-founded Green Move after the success of Scott Brothers Removals and is in many ways responsible for bringing the whole thing together. In late 2020 he decided to move back to the land of his ancestors and has gone on to found a new moving company that serves not only Inverness, but the whole of The Highlands. Without doubt Dougal will use the lessons learnt during his time with Green Move and apply them to his new venture with equal commitment and vigour. We wish him all the best and look forward to hearing about his progress.

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