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Green Move Removals


Green Move is a Glasgow removals and storage company offering environmentally focused home moves throughout Scotland and beyond.

  • Choose one of Scotland’s most in demand moving companies to ensure your move is in the hands of people you can trust.

  • A removals company that will guide you through the house moving process with step-by-step clarity. We can also pack up your home and arrange your storage.

  • Having helped close to 1,000 people move home in 2023 (which has contributed to the planting of over 200 trees) choosing Green Move not only ensures nothing goes wrong on moving day, but, as the UK’s first moving company with an electric van in its fleet, your move is contributing to a better future with cleaner air.

electric van charging

How do I book a removal?


Book a removal with Green Move in 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill out our quote form so we can log your details in our system.

  2. You’ll then receive an email that will take you to our moving portal where you can add your inventory.

  3. A member of our team will then contact you with a quote.

Alternatively, just pick up the phone and talk to a member of our team and we'll take all the details we need in minutes. We can also arrange in-person home surveys. However, owing to the fact we are a relatively small removals company aiming to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum, we find the remote method to be more than sufficient for getting all the information we need to get an accurate quote together.


2023 has found us every bit as in demand as the preceding year as our moving company goes from strength-to-strength and our reputation continues to flourish. Having acquired our first electric vehicle towards the end of 2021, we’ve set a precedent so that any future fleet expansions will also aspire to the same high standards of efficiency and sustainability. 

As of April '21 we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new blog page, and in keeping with our commitment to rewilding projects, our first post explores the somewhat controversial possibility of reintroducing wolves in Scotland.

Jackson and Roddy doing a house removal in Glasgow


Since founding at the end of 2018, Green Move’s home moving service has quickly established itself as not only one of the premier Glasgow removal companies, but as a moving company that is dynamic and flexible enough to operate across the country. This reputation has been earned through a combination of good old-fashioned hard work and a particularly personal approach to home moves.


By choosing Green Move, you’re taking on a removals company that aims to put environmental wellbeing centre stage. Our home moving division is comprised of green movers that are highly trained, uniformed and friendly. Each member of our team will ensure that your move is carried out in a way that eliminates a large part of the stress that is typically associated with home removals.


There's barely a pothole in the country our tread hasn't circumnavigated at one time or another, so when choosing a home removals company, choose wisely - contact Green Move for a quote


Green Move offers a professional and affordable packing service. Each member of our moving crew is highly trained in packing everything from hardback books to fragile kitchenware, china, mirrors, pictures and ornaments. 

Our packing service is usually carried out on the same day as the removal. We simply put enough bodies on the job to ensure everything is packed up and loaded into the van by lunch time. On particularly big houses we may pack one day and move the next. We can be adaptable according to your needs and preferences. We'll always let you know what the plan is in terms of timescale so you know exactly what to expect.


Moving your business? If you're considering a commercial relocation or any other type of business move, get in touch and a consultant from our office removals department will be more than happy to assist.


Whether your move is just around the corner or to the farthest tip of the country, Green Move is here to help. We offer a comprehensive range of business removal services that are fully insured.


We can deal with large amounts of IT equipment, filing cabinets, chairs and can dismantle and reassemble office tables. We can also assist in relocating one of your most important assets, your company employees. Get in touch for a free survey and quotation and we'll ensure your business transition goes through seamlessly.



Looking for flexible and affordable storage solutions? Perhaps you’re having home renovations done and need some furniture kept out of the way for a while. Maybe you’re part of a home moving chain with a gap between moving out of the old place and getting keys for the new one. Are you a business looking to store some stock?


Green Move can arrange safe, affordable, hassle-free storage for long-term or short-term through our partners, Aabsolute Storage. We’ll arrange all the details, as well as the collection and safe delivery so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

storage glasgow


In addition to our monthly donations to native tree planting schemes in the Scottish Highlands, which is part of an ongoing commitment to rewilding Scotland, one of our flagships achievements is to have been first among UK removal companies to have an electric vehicle on the road, which we acquired in November '21. Given the exponential advances in technology, we're confident that our moving company will become increasingly reliant on electric vehicles as we gradually phase our their diesel counterparts. With progress in the field showing no sign of slowing you can expect to see our fleet spread further afield as the range of these vehicles continues to improve.

With the climate change conference, COP26, having taken place in Glasgow in 2021, our commitment to cleaner working practices should reflect our standing as one of the most responsible removal companies Glasgow has ever produced.

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